Self-deprecating doesn't work if people believe you are pathetic; humidity works if there is lots of water, but if it was a dry and barren land then dehumidifying it doesn't work does it now? Like the Zizek synagogue joke which according to my memory goes like this:

They were having a service in the synagogue one day, and the rabbi goes on the podium and say “Oh god I don’t deserve your blessings and I don’t deserve this reverence and respect I am getting from you people I am nothing…” etc., basically humiliating himself and showing humility, then a rich…

Norm Macdonald, an SNL alumni, a stand-up comic, a podcaster and an old chunk of coal.

Based on his novel titled “ Based on A True Story”, it seems clearly that he too doesn't know what the “H” he’s doing, just following his bliss or radically following what he finds funny at the current moment.

I believe it was his appearances on David Letterman that first caught my attention, i am post Retired-Letterman fan, so it was all youtube based, but Letterman’s love for him made me wonder who the “H” is this guy.

So i started looking up what else he did other than joking and crying over Letterman retirement from his late night…

Another Friday, another post… let's do this 王八蛋


Qí lǘ zhǎo mǎ

a proverb that literally translates to “ Riding a donkey looking for a horse”; when you do a certain job, waiting for a preferred one to be offered or open up, or you settle for a certain apartment -out of convenience and availability- while still looking for a better one.

Cicada 蝉 By li Shangyin 李商隐

The last time I did this was more than a month ago; the plan was to make it a weekly ritual thing.

But if you can’t fly then run, if not then walk and lastly crawl; Some dumb proverb that rings true to me these days for one reason or another.

Anywho, the poem.


Facing the sea with spring blossoms - By Haizi

面朝大海,春暖花开 - 作者 海子


Cóng míngtiān qǐ, zuò yīgè xìngfú de rén

From tomorrow on, I will be a happy man


wèi mǎ, pǐchái, zhōuyóu shìjiè

Grooming, chopping, and traveling all over the world


I am bored, so I am starting a thing. I am calling it “Chinese Friday”, basically it will be a poem, a song and maybe a movie or tv show or a story I will share weekly, all Chinese.

So for the first Chinese Friday, it will be :

Thoughts on the Silent Night 静夜思 By Li Bai 李白



Chuáng qián míngyuèguāng,


yí shì dìshàng shuāng.


Jǔ tóu wàng míng yuè,


dītóu sī gùxiāng.

Translated by Yang Xianyi & Dai Naidie

Beside my bed a pool of light —
Is it hoarfrost on the ground?
I lift…

DongPo Pork 东坡肉 -肉 character translates to meat, not pork, but it seems in English they call the dish DongPo Pork for some reason !?- :

mmmm, you can almost taste the succulent Haram

For 2019, Moon Festival will be around the 13th of September according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, On Moon Festival Night, the moon is supposed to be full and the closest it can be to earth and the biggest it can be, and people eat Mooncakes 月饼 while drinking alcohol

I never liked those Mooncakes, they taste like a horrible version of Ma’amoul, nor did I ever liked Ma’amoul in the first place, so there

水调歌头 Prelude to Water Melody

A famous poem by Su Shi 苏轼 or Su DongPo 苏东坡

Recognised as one of the eight great prose masters of the Tang and Song 宋, and one of the four Song 宋 masters of calligraphy.

There is even a famous Chinese Pork dish named after him called DongPo Pork 东坡肉.

I didn’t hear or read much of Chinese poetry, but out of the few I did, this one has a special place in my heart.

The story goes that he was drunk on the Moon Festival/Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节, contemplating his life and…

Photo by Cedric Fox on Unsplash

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast.

Not much can be said of what we accomplished today, but we are starting to form a better and more informative idea of how the end product should look.

I am having the best time I ever had doing anything in a while, even though, I am constantly challenged with my limited knowledge, and continually feeling embarrassed and dumb when it comes to my coding skills, still fun.

Though the clock is ticking, ten days till the deadline.

Under the “Queensboro Bridge” most likely.

I can’t talk openly, but my gratitude knows no bounds. Maybe in a year or so, I can write publicly about it.

Anywho, so separated the dataset into subsets by age groups, manually !??!

there must be a better way to do it using loops, instead of just copying and reusing the same code over and over again !?

subset = df[df.age==’age_value’]

now Imagine the same code repeated 20 times!

yeah, it’s dumb, but works without having to fight with a loop function to make it work as intended it to work !!!!

A chance for learning averted, thanks Allah.

Haitham Alrayes

A Stream Of Nonsense & WENA Affairs Expert

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